Science made engaging for the 21st century learner

Science fiction can be a an effective medium to foster an interest in the sciences. This is Galaxy Room's mission – readers can learn while enjoying entertaining storytelling and an intriguing plot!

Each book includes a glossary that explains terms or concepts that come up in the narrative. It can be viewed on the last two pages of the Preview section.

Listed below are some of the featured concepts being covered in Time Gliders:

Volume 1

• The beginning of the universe: Steady State vs.
   Big Bang theories
• Behavior of the Universe - continual expansion

• Wave behavior: Doppler
• How stars are formed
• How our Solar System was formed
• How the Earth and the Moon were formed

• Dating techniques
• The prehistoric era: dinosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus,      Argentinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus

• Geology: Continental Drift; Gondwanaland,      
   Laurasia and Pangaea. Volcanoes. Plate tectonics


• Physics: Mass Vs. Weight; Gravity; G-forces

• Biology: neural pathways

Volume 2

EMP: electromagnetic pulse from the Sun

• Energy: Renewable and non-renewable fuels;    Conventional vs. Alternative energy sources
• Global warming

• Chemistry: molecular structures

• Nano technology

• Genomics

• The natural forces that govern our Universe

• Quantum computing