Volume two is now on sale and guarantees even more action and intrigue: 


Due to limited time jump capacity, the TG-1 ends up in 2030 and finds that large parts of Earth is without power! They land in an almost deserted New York to investigate. Soon the team is faced with their nemesis who's tracked them down (that entered the story at the end of Volume 1).

Their stay to help the inhabitants sustain themselves, becomes a life and death struggle – not only for them, but for everyone in the city. The Time Glider team also suffers a great loss!

Below are random excerpts from the book:

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Science education made engaging for the 21st century learner!
Time Gliders takes you on an intriguing science-fiction journey packed with fictitious action and real science.
Time Gliders, science education, science
ISBN-13: 978-1546919490
ISBN-10: 154691949X

It's 2550 A.D. Time travel technology has been perfected by an international consortium of science and engineering agencies. Professor Patel and his team embark on the first time voyage to gather information on unclear historical data and especially, science-related issues.


But, their maiden voyage goes horribly wrong, leading to a series of unplanned misadventures across time that starts off by jumping right into the Big Bang event of creation! Only during the course of events do they learn the reason for their flawed mission, and a continued threat to their very survival is revealed.